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This is a collection with some of my illustrative works and personal projects, including storyboards, concept sketches, and digital/traditional paintings involving those concepts. For a full view and description, please click the image.

Darune Character Sheet
Arlion: Discovery Storyboard 1
Arlion: Discovery Storyboard 2
Arlion: Discovery Storyboard 3
Arlion: Harp Concept
Soran Swords
Arlean Concept Sketch
Cintique Test Page 1
Cintique Test Page 2
Arlion: Lena Concept
Arlion: Darune Concept
Arlion: Maren Concept
Inktober '18: Poisonous
Squid Sketch: Line Challenge
Broken Beryl
Dragon Attack
Birthday Gift: Cake Fight
Old Arlion Concept: Crab Guardian
Old Arlion Concept: Spider Guardian
Old Arlion Concept: Serpent
Old Arlion Concept: Rebirth
Old Arlion Concept: Beetle
Old Arlion Concept: Golem
Parva Munda: Meridiem
Parva Munda: Ibis
Parva Munda: Algor
Parva Munda: Sylva
Parva Munda: Aranea
Parva Munda: Lumina
Parva Munda: Ferrum
Old Parva Concept: Spider
Old Parva Concept: Boat Ride
Old Parva Concept: Run
Old Parva Concept: Mantis
Old Parva Concept: Crystals
Old Arlion Concept: New World
Old Arlion Concept: Harp
Old Arlion Concept: Titan
Old Arlion Concept: Deceiver
Old Arlion Concept: Scorpion
Insect Study: Tiger Beetle
Insect Study: Ladybug
Figure Study: Guitar Player
Figure Study 1
Figure Study 2
Skull Study
Mr. Gravedigger
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